On My Honor, I Solemnly Swear

I’m a bad blogger. I recognize this. I’m really good at starting them, I like setting them up and I sometimes write a little.

Then I ghost on it. I promise to do better. At least one post a week. Okay? Between you and me.

One thing my therapist has taught me is that I just have to keep going. I think I have a story to tell. I also think I want to be a writer. I even entered a short story into a writing competition. Did it get past the first round of judging?
…no. But it’s the fact that I did it. I did something new and it didn’t kill me.

I’m also applying for new jobs like crazy. It’s not that I dislike the people at mine. In fact, they’re some of the nicest I’ve ever met. I’m just bored to tears. Today all of the attorneys are at some sort of off-site training.

This means that when the cat is away, the mice will play. It’s safe to say that while I do nothing (or close to it) on a daily basis anyway, I’ve done nothing today and haven’t even tried to hide it. This has made time go very slowly.

Much as I said before.

Just keep swimming.

Jam of the Day – Feist “1,2,3,4”


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