Borked Computer Bork Bork Bork 

On Monday morning I went to check my email (as you do over morning tea) and I noticed it didn’t seem to be charging. I did the usual trouble shooting things – I restarted it, I unplugged it and plugged it back in – then I did what I do best. I told Andy my computer seemed to be some degree of broken. He tried to fix it via the magical TeamViewer/TakeOverYourComputer thing, but to no avail. Then I had to leave for work, so I just shut the laptop off and hoped for the best. Apparently he came by later in the day to work his wizard IT magic, but it didn’t work then either. He whisked my poor pc home with him and bought a part on eBay hoping it would breathe life into it later in the week. Spoiler – it didn’t. Now I’m out about $800 and am waiting for this new one to come in. In the meantime I’m ridiculously reliant on my phone. Not only do I spend probably too much time on it at work, I’m checking my email even more, I’m checking my apps and I’m just basically one of those horrible obsessed millennials. I’ve become that stereotype person who can’t stop looking at their phone. It’s awful. Some of the obsession stems from the Surprise!Interview I had a few weeks ago. 

 It’s frustrating being without a computer. Besides the fact that I’d like to play games and stuff, I feel disconnected. Sure I can check facebook and twitter and whatever from my phone, but it isn’t the same. Also, I would like to go job hunting. I’ve been at this job for a year August 1 and it’s time to move on. I’m paid peanuts and it’s safe to say my student loans are an amount larger than peanuts. I’d love to be able to pay more than I am in an attempt to not be in debt until I’m 90. Lol, aren’t I hilarious? Thinking about this kind of thing keeps me up at night, makes me upset in public and clench my jaw in new and exciting ways.


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