I bought a new laptop this past Thursday since mine is officially ded. Being the super patient person I am, I then lost my shit about…Saturday as to why it hadn’t arrived yet. Needless to say, I was a real joy to be around. I was also feeling generally sorry for myself for having to spend that much money on a new computer, a crown that’ll be finished in about a week (dentists such), and not hearing back from the Surprise!Interview yet. I think it didn’t help that I was mildly hangry. Andrew didn’t keep to my somewhat strict feeding schedule and this led to my feelings on ennui and listlessness. Being the kind and generous soul he is, he indulged me and we drove across town to go get some poutine at this restaurant by my house, Revival. I think it’s quite good. We then drove backacross town to go see Spiderman. The distraction (and the food) worked for most of Saturday. Now I’m at work and basically just waiting and I’m not doing a very good job of it. Andrew is a saint for putting up with me, especially the last few days.

I’m still at a bit of a loss with what to-do with myself or what to say. I’m anxious over that dumb job. Once I can put itniutnof my head more/get some kind of answer I’ll be able to go back to normal and function like the almost human I am.

(Ps -i can’t believe I forgot a jam of the day in the last post. I’m tempted to put 2 here, but won’t. Perhaps one day there will be a surprise!Jam of the day. Often I have many. Let’s be real, who doesn’t?)

Jam of the day – ELO “Don’t Bring Me Down”


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