It’s Been A While

It’s been an extraordinarily long week. There’s really not much else to say about it. This is compounded by me needing a B12 shot, which is sitting on my dresser. I’ll admit, that one is on me. But otherwise, I’m just tired. I’m feeling guilty for things I shouldn’t feel guilty about. I’m frustrated because I don’t have access to my computer so I can’t do things I would like to be doing. I’m just generally bothered. And on top of it all, I don’t think I got that job that I interviewed for (Surprise!interview, no less), so I’m a bit bummed. This is all, needless to say, a bummer. This results in my jaw is killing me. I would call the dentist about such things, but what are they going to do about it? The real cap for my tooth isn’t in yet, they can’t fix my jaw hurting and so far as the actual tooth/gum pain…I’m not sure what they can do. I don’t think it’s much. I’ve got pain killers at home and if things get really bad, Dad has stuff from his surgery that I can have. I’ll skip the rest of July and most of August and go straight into September. It was getting kind of hot anyway.

I would also acknowledge me not writing more, but what’s the point? I’ve actually written quite a bit. I write at work and then delete it all. So I’ll say this. I’m going to start not deleting it.

And I’ve been writing nearing every day in my book with my pretty fountain pens. I’ve nearly always got ink on my hands. This will be my compromise until I get myself a little focus for this blog. And a computer to write it on. I think that’s a fair bargain.

 Jam of the day – Sam Cooke  “Bring It On Home To Me” 


Lows Bars Aren’t Something To Brag About

The bar for 2017 isn’t set particularly high. I know this because this time last year I was on the phone with insurance people, sorting out the car accident I was in the day before, courtesy of the seventeen-year-old who thought it would be fun to put an enormous dent in my front bumper, thus rendering my car undrivable.

I really should have known then that perhaps 2016 was off to a questionable beginning.

This year, so far, is going better. I didn’t have to work on New Year’s Day because I don’t work retail anymore. Not sacrificing my blood to the Retail Gods is really something I can (and d0) live without these days. Working a 9(ish) to 5 is a gift that I am grateful for. Paralegal school was hard, mostly because I’m a super nerd who doesn’t fuck around when it comes to classes and a mini nervous breakdown will do wonders for a girl’s figure. I mean, not eating will cause anyone to lose 10 or 15 extra pounds.

The only downside is you put it back on. Baby steps if you ask me. It’s the beginning of the year. As we know, anything can happen.
This is exactly what I’m afraid of.

Like Dory says, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.

Jam of the Day – One Direction “Night Changes”