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The Ides of March Came (…and Went)

We’ve made it halfway through March and it’s safe to say that things have been…adequate. I suppose I’ll take what I can get. That being said, I’m now knee deep in Quota season. Who’s excited?  (also pictured – my #excitementlevel) I’ll be working weekends until further notice, which is fine actually, but puzzling. We’re down on cases and I’m mostly…

It’s Not Me, It’s You

I broke my promise to write every week (or at least I think I did). But I’m writing more than once every three months and let’s look at that as a victory, shall we? I quit my therapist this week. Or to be more exact I fired her. I accessed the hive mind and it seemed like the time is…

It Might Be Okay To Feel Your Feelings

I had my first therapy appointment about a week ago. It went considerably better than I expected. I was incredibly nervous, which apparently is quite normal. What I expected was the following (or something like it). “So, why are you here? Tell me a bit about yourself,” says the nice, yet intimidating older therapist lady. “…well, I’m not sure. I…

Living That Hashtag Life

#Travel, #Food, #Hashtag


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